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Live Production & Streaming Software

Complete live video production software solution with features including REAL TIME MIXING, SWITHING, RECORDING and LIVE STREAMING with multiple formate support SD / HD / FHD / 2K / 4K . flexible io card support for live camera input with video files, images, playlist, Powerpoint and much much more...


  • Live Stream and Capture Any Multi Camera Event With Professional Way
  • Best and Easy User Interface for Smooth Operations
  • 8 Inputs Professional Live Video Matrix Switcher with Audio Mixer
  • Support 6 Live Camera Inputs With Dual DDR Playlist
  • Multiple Transition On Source Change with Preview Before On Air Functionality
  • Multiple PIP Set With One Click On Air Functionality
  • Live Input From Any IO Card, Webcam, Screen Capture, NDI and Many More
  • DDR Inputs with All Video and Image format Support even PPT slideshow Support
  • Professional CG Overlay with Multiple Tittle, Scroll Ticker, Date Time and Logo
  • Record and Stream to Multiple Servers Simultaneously
  • Support Instant Streaming To Facebook, YouTube and Custom Server Free Of Cost
  • Support PAL, NTSC Standard with Multiple Resolutions SD, HD, FHD, 4K Inputs and Outputs


  • Real Time Stream and Capture Your Lectures, Meeting, Presentations and Events
  • Best and Easy User Interface For Smooth Operations
  • Multiple PIP Set With One Click On Air Functionality
  • Best Class Chroma Key Event work with Low Light
  • Supported Integration with Skype, Zoom, Spontania...etc
  • Camera Inputs From, Webcams, IO Cards, Screen capture, NDI Stream and May More
  • Media Playlist Input with All Video, Image & PPT format Support
  • Professional CG Overlay for Tittle, Scroll Ticker, Date Time and Logo
  • Record and Stream to Multiple Servers in One Click
  • Support Instant Streaming To Facebook, YouTube and Custom Server Free Of Cost
  • Support PAL, NTSC Standard with Multiple Resolutions SD,HD,FHD,4K too


  • Affordable Virtual Studio Solution for Education, Lecturer, Classroom, News, Hospital and Many More Sector
  • More than 50 Virtual Set with Customization Tool For Different Solutions
  • Real Time Virtual Switcher with 6 Live Inputs and 2 DDR Playlist
  • High Quality Dual Live Chroma with One Click Auto Tool
  • Easy and Fast Switching with Smart User Interface
  • Record and Stream to Multiple Servers Simultaneously
  • Support All PCI video inputs, webcam, NDI and Screen Capture as Live Input
  • Professional CG Overlay with Multiple Tittle, Scroll Ticker, Date Time and Logo
  • Real Time Preview and Output with NDI Output support
  • VRT-600 Work as Virtual Camera For Skype, Zoom, QQ, We chat, Live Stream, Hangout or any IM

RT600 Features

Whether you are looking to produce big budget live concert productions, sporting, wedding, festival, music, government, conferences, educational events, Church services or small webcasts, then RT600 is for you. Check out below Solutions how RT600 can fit into your workflow.

RT100 Features

RT100 application was developed after several years of research by our professionals in video conferencing session they discovered and developed a very easy and simple application enables online communication through Audio Meetings, Video Meetings, Seminars, Screen Sharing, PPT Sharing and Recording. Start meeting or conference in professional way and impress your client, RT100 application is implemented to enable long-distance or international communication and enhance collaboration. RT100 can be utilized by remote employees or teams for improved collaboration, communication and productivity. This application can be used by every individual it maybe CEO, Manager, trainer or executive from anywhere. It's manage and capture everything that your share in all your meetings, easy to create digital minutes of meetings.

VRT600 Features

VRT-600 an advanced application for video production with features easy GUI to capture and stream video in real-time with no technical knowledge. In−built audio mixer for each camera and media files in real-time makes VRT-600 unique and designer made with ease taking novice people into consideration. VRT-600 provides PIP, virtual studio , ready to use studio template along with graphic layers like Logo, Titles, Ticker, Date & Time. Video can be recorded in high quality and in various format. Simultaneously push streaming in various format like RTMP, RTSP & many more in H.264 & many other formats. It has built−in media player to play media files, images or Insertion of any Live Input or Laptop. Freedom to adjust video resolution, size and frame rate recording. More than 25+ virtual studio are given and unlimited sets can be created by user within application.

VRT-600 specially developed & designed product for education, corporate, online training and presentation market with state of the art Chroma key to make virtual presentation for the online community. VRT-600 is developed with a latest powerful 3D Engine and high quality Chroma, Recording and Streaming solution. A total solution for content creation for lecture and presentation capturing, there by creating visual impact to the offline or online viewer.

Sample Virtual Sets with high quality real-time Chroma Key use in every industry

Live stream to multiple platforms

Stream to Facebook Live, YouTube live, Akamai, Wowza, Zixi, etc. RT600 support streaming to muliple server with simultaneous recording / capture. Instant facebook and youtube url generation by smart url generation tool without going to your facebook or youtube account.

Broadcast Quality Chroma Key

We claim that our technology offers the best quality among PC-based solutions capable of performing in real-time background removal/chroma tool. Its high quality GPU accelerated real-time green screen solution. Replace your (green) background with your own video or still image background live and in the moment

  • Advanced anti-spill correction algorithm: for quality color processing on image edges.
  • Several color ranges to process complex backgrounds.3D keying algorithm based on a 2-layered elipsoid for precise transparent area selection.
  • Semi-transparent areas implemented via transparency gradient.
  • Smooth borders.
  • Separate handling of fields (for interlaced video support).
  • Advanced spill suppression (color cancellation) algorithm.
  • Multiple color keys with separate color, transparency and spill suppression parameters.
  • Support for RGB, YUV and HLS color spaces.


In startup program and preview output setting will set initially.

  • Supported standard PAL and NTSC
  • Supported Format / Resolutions
    • 4K UHD: 4k25p, 4k24p, 4k30p, 4k29p
    • FULL HD: 1080p50,1080i50,1080p25,1080p30,1080i60
    • HD: 720p50, 720p60
    • SD: 576i50(4:3), 576i50(16:9), 480i60(4:3), 480i60(16:9)

Real-time program output

Real time Event output with high quality output preview on board with easy to use tools. Instant Onboard Recording, Streaming, CG and HeadPhone out funtionality to make your event control better and smart.

Live Input Settings

Customizable 6 Live Inputs To Switch in Big Events too.
Video Cameras - 4K, HD and SD capable.
Support for Webcams and capture cards. All DirectX 10 Compatible graphics cards are supported. NDI - Send and receive high quality, low latency video and audio on the local network. PC and Mac Desktop Sources-Utilise screen capture from remote desktops running on your network. Great for PowerPoint and Skype. Audio Capture support also available Audio Devices - Mix multiple audio sources such as SoundCards, ASIO Audio Interfaces and capture card audio.

Live Stream To Multiple Servers

Supports Simultaneous Streaming to multiple server, Recording, Output and Preview, Live Stream to your favourite streaming providers including Facebook Live , YouTube and third party server. Special Feature SMART URL to generate Facebook and YouTube URL Instantly without login every time, with easy ready made preset for every supported quality and bandwidth. Virtual Camera support for streaming out to third party software such as Skype, Zoom, Google.

Picture IN & Picture Out

Picture-in Picture-out (PIP) ready preset gallary to handle event hassle free. More then 20 preset which can customize for instant and smooth event preset can easily operate by keyboard shotcut.

ddr media playlist inputs

Create playlist with more then 300 Video and images with editing facility to move or arrange any item with item information. all proffesional video and image format supported no nead to re-encoding. its simple to build automated playlists and slideshows. playlist which can loop, playback or remove itself when finished. You can also use the new Image Carousel source to create a slideshow of .GIFs, PNGs, JPEGs, or any other image format .

cg overlay

Broadcast-quality Character Generator,with easy and instant work user inteface. Built-in support for news tickers (including crawls and rolls) with automatic file tracking. provider multiple Ticker,Titles and Logo with Special text items for time & date. all components with transition in and out with look ahead preview.

Look Ahead Preview With Transitions

The Look Ahead Preview is versatile and powerful brodcast feature with transition preview. more then 30 transiion on one click provided for Professional production for any event.

multiformat recording

Brodcast Quality Recording with multiple format like MTS, MOV, MP4, MPEG Record high quality video and audio using the latest codecs and compression algorithms. Live Real Time Recording in 4K,FHD,HD,SD multiple resolution. for easy to use provided ready preset which will make your event handling better and smart.

Audio Mixer Control

Audio Mixer configure audio levels and settings for every source and signal, including stereo output mixes and the deepest, most flexible and precise control of any switcher-based audio mixer.

Mix-and-Match Audio Inputs use any combination of supported digital or analog audio devices, including microphones, mixers and sound systems, to deliver top-quality audio.

Audio Follow Video (AFV) - Simplify even the most complex A/V setup by selecting any video source to automatically trigger the appropriate audio selection.

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